Animations, videos and other moving images.
Modern Love Quickies anima | 2014

Modern Love Quickies

Animation based on comics from the Modern Love project (audio in Portuguese). Voice by Alessandro Imperador, sounds from Free Sound.


Cubes | 2013

The secret life of cubes (music is not mine; non-profit artwork; images).


Non-Music-Videos: Máquina Voadora video | 2009

Non-Music-Videos for 5 songs by my band Máquina Voadora (post).
These are lo-fi/experimental productions, thus “Non-Music-Videos”.
Watch: Matar, Eu Quero Falar, Moscas, Fora do Corpo and Sunflower.


Blobs anima | 2007

Sometimes this is how I saw things when I dreamed in the 80’s.1

  1. Posted 2013/07/31. Temporarily moved to 2007/12/01. []

RGB video | 2007

RGB (2007)

Experimental video with a circular narrative. With Adriana Ramalho.1

  1. This is a linear version of the video. As an installation, the playback should be looped continuously, with no sound and no credits at the beginning and end. []

Red Blues anima | 2007

Red Blues

Music video for the band Del-O-Max.


Learn (animation) anima | 2006

Learn (2006)
Animated video for a song, based on this procedural artwork.


Bactérias video | 2003

Lo-fi music video for the band Grease. Images here.
Screened at the I Mostra Curta Audiovisual (Campinas/SP, Brasil; Oct. 2006)


Icarus anima | 2013


Vignette for Icarus fashion design label based on their art.


The Means Are The Ends anima | 2009

Music video for Radiare. Watch: vimeo or youtube (images).


Experimental Infestation video | 2008

Infestação Experimental (2008)

Experimental short with hybrid compositions of Flash animation and real-time webcam feed. Click above to watch. Images in the full post.


City Music video | 2007

City Music (2007)
In this experimental video, the rhythms of the city become apparent trough the time-lapse images and the sounds, synchronized to the events.


They Won’t Let Me Run anima | 2007

They Won't Let Me Run (2007)

Music video for John Vanderslice. Watch: vimeo or youtube (images).


Caindo na Real (Getting Real) procedural | 2007

Interactive visual/sound narrative about the last deliriums of a man. Each body part produces a sound loop (interactive version not available).


Migrations anima | 2004


Animation created for the Museu da Língua Brasileira (museum in São Paulo, Brasil; Fundação Roberto Marinho). (video not available)


Ocupado (Busy) anima | 2002

Ocupado (2002)

Short animation about volunteer work. Awarded at the PontoFLA Festival (Intel/Macromedia) in 2002 (video not available).


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