Animations, videos and other moving images.
Modern Love Quickies anima

Modern Love Quickies

Animation based on comics from the Modern Love project (audio in Portuguese). Voice by Alessandro Imperador, sounds from Free Sound.


The Means Are The Ends anima

Music video for Radiare. Watch: vimeo or youtube (images).


Experimental Infestation video

Infestação Experimental (2008)

Experimental short with hybrid compositions of Flash animation and real-time webcam feed. Click above to watch. Images in the full post.


City Music video

City Music (2007)
In this experimental video, the rhythms of the city become apparent trough the time-lapse images and the sounds, synchronized to the events.


They Won’t Let Me Run anima

They Won't Let Me Run (2007)

Music video for John Vanderslice. Watch: vimeo or youtube (images).


Caindo na Real (Getting Real) procedural

Interactive visual/sound narrative about the last deliriums of a man. Each body part produces a sound loop (interactive version not available).


Migrations anima


Animation created for the Museu da Língua Brasileira (museum in São Paulo, Brasil; Fundação Roberto Marinho). (video not available)


Ocupado (Busy) anima

Ocupado (2002)

Short animation about volunteer work. Awarded at the PontoFLA Festival (Intel/Macromedia) in 2002 (video not available).


Icarus anima


Vignette for Icarus fashion design label based on their art.


Non-Music-Videos: Máquina Voadora video

Non-Music-Videos for 5 songs by my band Máquina Voadora (post).
These are lo-fi/experimental productions, thus “Non-Music-Videos”.
Watch: Matar, Eu Quero Falar, Moscas, Fora do Corpo and Sunflower.


Blobs anima

Sometimes this is how I saw things when I dreamed in the 80’s.1

  1. Posted 2013/07/31. Temporarily moved to 2007/12/01.

RGB video

RGB (2007)

Experimental video with a circular narrative. With Adriana Ramalho.1

  1. This is a linear version of the video. As an installation, the playback should be looped continuously, with no sound and no credits at the beginning and end.

Red Blues anima

Red Blues

Music video for the band Del-O-Max.


Learn (animation) anima

Learn (2006)
Animated video for a song, based on this procedural artwork.


Bactérias video

Lo-fi music video for the band Grease. Images here.
Screened at the I Mostra Curta Audiovisual (Campinas/SP, Brasil; Oct. 2006)


Other Videos video

Outros vídeos

View some of my older, more experimental (and bad) videos and shorts in my pages at vimeo and youtube. Images in the full post, below (click to enlarge).


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