Some fonts and other experiments in typography.
If God Is a DJ ilustra | 2012


Daniel Ferreira font | 2008

Font based on my writing (mostly upper case). Click above.
Personal use, as well as in sequential art (comics) projects.


Kuadriculado font | 2007


Minimalist pixel font. Smallest possible grid, least number of pixels (not suitable for long texts). Download at dafont.


Automática logo | 2003

Automática (logo)

Font design and logo for congress at the Mechanical Engineering Institute at University of Campinas (UNICAMP).


Máquina Voadora font | 2009

Máquina Voadora - Fonte

Experimental font based on only two modules. Click above.
Created for the band Máquina Voadora.


Blok font | 2008

Conceptual font with fixed height/width (includes bold). Click above.


Respingo (splash) logo | 2006

Respingo (splash) (logotype for a zine)

Logotype for an independent experimental zine, to be distributed in bathroom walls/stalls (hence the name).

[Project from 2006, posted in 2016, translated 2017/06/05.]


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