Some fonts and other experiments in typography.
If God Is a DJ ilustra


Daniel Ferreira font

Font based on my writing (mostly upper case). Click above.
Personal use, as well as in sequential art (comics) projects.


Kuadriculado font


Minimalist pixel font. Smallest possible grid, least number of pixels (not suitable for long texts). Download at dafont.


Automática logo

Automática (logo)

Font design and logo for congress at the Mechanical Engineering Institute at University of Campinas (UNICAMP).


Máquina Voadora font

Máquina Voadora - Fonte

Experimental font based on only two modules. Click above.
Created for the band Máquina Voadora.


Blok font

Conceptual font with fixed height/width (includes bold). Click above.


Respingo (splash) logo

Respingo (splash) (logotype for a zine)

Logotype for an independent experimental zine, to be distributed in bathroom walls/stalls (hence the name).

[Project from 2006, posted in 2016, translated 2017/06/05.]


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