Sound creations and experiments (for music go here).
Strokes Mágicos mashup

Bad-trip mashup between Balão Mágico and The Strokes (mp3).

Experimental non-profit project | Folha de São Paulo (17/11/11) | vimeo (broken?)


Manafox Remix sound art

Manafox RemixManafox Remix

Sound art experiment for generating rhythms and loops based on any audio file. Click above to open (wait loading – 2MB) or listen to a static version below.

This version is based on the music Rabbit Skinner, by David Sylvian.


Ahn. Hm. audio

Sound experiment based on the audio of an interview from the “radio” show The Sound of Young America. Read about it below.


Blind Movies sound

A blind movie is a reinterpretation of a movie in audio format, containing the songs in the soundtrack and a major portion of the original audio for the movie itself (specially dialog).

Eternal Sunshine… (2004) (1h23m52s | mp3 | zip)

Kick-Ass (2010) (49m19s | mp3 | zip)

Obs: experiment, non-profit. All rights and credits from original creators.


The Resumer experimental

The Resumer is an experimental sound/musical project with the aim of “resuming” (making shorter) songs, while still keeping the beginning and end intact. For now I did two Beatles albums.

Resume of Beatles – White Album (2005) (6min total):

Resume of Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (2009) (1min 40s total):


Caindo na Real (Getting Real) procedural

Interactive visual/sound narrative about the last deliriums of a man. Each body part produces a sound loop (interactive version not available).


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