Sound creations and experiments (for music go here).
Strokes Mágicos mashup | 2011

Bad-trip mashup between Balão Mágico and The Strokes (mp3).

Experimental non-profit project | Folha de São Paulo (17/11/11) | vimeo (broken?)


Manafox Remix sound art | 2010

Manafox RemixManafox Remix

Sound art experiment for generating rhythms and loops based on any audio file. Click above to open (wait loading – 2MB) or listen to a static version below.

This version is based on the music Rabbit Skinner, by David Sylvian.


Ahn. Hm. audio | 2009

Sound experiment based on the audio of an interview from the “radio” show The Sound of Young America. Read about it below.


Blind Movies sound | 2011

A blind movie is a reinterpretation of a movie in audio format, containing the songs in the soundtrack and a major portion of the original audio for the movie itself (specially dialog).

Eternal Sunshine… (2004) (1h23m52s | mp3 | zip)

Kick-Ass (2010) (49m19s | mp3 | zip)

Obs: experiment, non-profit. All rights and credits from original creators.


The Resumer experimental | 2009

The Resumer is an experimental sound/musical project with the aim of “resuming” (making shorter) songs, while still keeping the beginning and end intact. For now I did two Beatles albums.

Resume of Beatles – White Album (2005) (6min total):

Resume of Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (2009) (1min 40s total):


Caindo na Real (Getting Real) procedural | 2007

Interactive visual/sound narrative about the last deliriums of a man. Each body part produces a sound loop (interactive version not available).


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