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Firula toy | 2016


Generative drawing toy in p5.js. Play here!


3D Snake prototype | 2016

3D Snake

Prototype for a 3D snake-like game, being developed in Unity.


Sensual Tales of a Restless Mind illustra | 2014

Sensual Tales of a Restless Mind

Cover and illustrations for the book by Mônica Martins (aka. Kate Blair; Amazon), editor of pop culture portal Sem Piruá.


Icarus anima | 2013


Vignette for Icarus fashion design label based on their art.


Amoreiras Project installation | 2010

Amoreiras Project

Amoreiras Project is an installation about autonomy, artificial learning, nature and the environment. Developed with Processing and Arduino, in collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais.


Nobel (brewery) website | 2007

Nobel (brewery)

Website design for a brewery in Brasil (2 images).


Red Blues anima | 2007

Red Blues

Music video for the band Del-O-Max.


Kuadriculado font | 2007


Minimalist pixel font. Smallest possible grid, least number of pixels (not suitable for long texts). Download at dafont.


Finasa – Bradesco (banking) banner | 2016

Finasa – Bradesco (banking)

Banner design and art direction for banking sector (3 images).


Join Us (Venus Volts) interactive | 2015

Join Us (Venus Volts)

Interactive cover art for the single Join Us from the band Venus Volts – open here (new tab).


3D Design 3d | 2013

3D Design

This post contains a selection of 3D design works, for stills and animations. Productions for architecture studios, advertising agencies and personal experiments. View images in the full post (6 images, click to enlarge).


Dibujos en España illustration | 2012

Dibujos en España

Doodles/illustrations of places/people around south of Spain, 2012 (11 images).


tomath branding | 2009


Branding and responsive website design for tomath studio, including logo design and guidelines, print and motion design.

  1. I collaborated with tomath on the website for the movie Alô, Alô Terezinha []

Sportingbet (e-gaming) website | 2007

Sportingbet (e-gaming)

Web design, branding and animated tutorial development for e-gaming company (3 images).


Garfield Look-alike (FOX) website | 2007

Garfield Look-alike (FOX)

Promotional website for the Garfield film. The campaign was based on a Garfield look-alike contest.


Ice Age (Fox Films) banner | 2005

Ice Age (Fox Films)
Promotional banner for the movie Ice Age (FOX Films).


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