Bands and other music projects.
Modern Love Songs 2016 music | 2016

Third musical compilation of lofi home recordings.


Modern Love ♫ music | 2012

[Update: there are new songs in the 2016 compilation!]

Solo project through which I publish some of my songs, old and new. Mostly crude home recordings. I released two compilations so far.

Modern Love Sonic (2012) – 10 songs, 15 min (m3uzip)

Modern Love Comic (2008) – 6 songs, 13 min (m3uzip)

PS: webcomics for the songs in the first compilation: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
PS: second compilation at SoundCloud (videos for track 1 and track 7).


Strokes Mágicos mashup | 2011

Bad-trip mashup between Balão Mágico and The Strokes (mp3).

Experimental non-profit project | Folha de São Paulo (17/11/11) | vimeo (broken?)


Experimental Infestation video | 2008

Infestação Experimental (2008)

Experimental short with hybrid compositions of Flash animation and real-time webcam feed. Click above to watch. Images in the full post.


ouronão ♫ project | 2013

ouronão (projeto)ouronão (projeto)

Musical project with Fabrício Frebs and Daniel Ferreira (myself), and invited musicians. Listen to Faça as Malas and Fora do Ar (youtube).

Launch website (portuguese) | Facebook page


Singles ♪ music | 2011

Singles ♪
[Update: these singles are now part of a 2016 compilation.]

Various singles, covers and experiments.
Modern Love (David Bowie cover)
Numa Espécie de Logro (with mesnitu)
Madrugada Florida I.

Links above go to Soundcloud (players below, in the full post).


Máquina Voadora band | 2011

Máquina Voadora is a rock band (in hiatus) originally composed by Daniel Ferreira (guitar/vocals; The Lux), Fabrício “Frebs” (bass/vocals; Astromato, Radiare) and Naka (drums, Robertones, Muzzarelas).

Hear the first album below with André Dalbó on drums.
Moscas (2009) stream (M3U)download (zip)

– Other members: Giovanni, Dalbó (drums) and Pedro (guitar/vocals)
– View some videos; visit the website (outdated)


The Lux ♫ band | 2002

The Lux was a garage rock/powerpop band composed by Renato Chaplin (bass), Juliana (guitar), Daniel (myself, guitar/vocals), Cristiane (vocals) and Salomão (drums). Listen below. More info and photos in facebook.

Almost There (2004) stream (M3U)download (zip)

Going Home (2002) stream (M3U)download (zip)


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