Interface, product and website design, art direction and development.
MissionMaker 2 tool | 2015

MissionMaker 2 (Unity)

MissionMaker is a game authoring tool that is part of Playing Beowulf, an educational project focused on procedural literacy, based on London Knowledge Lab (UCL IOE). I worked on the research and development team of this project as part of my PhD.


pedralumen (lightningstone) installation+app | 2008

pedralumen (lightningstone)

Installation artwork about words and their meanings – includes a physical object (displayed at the exhibit) and an app.


Nobel (brewery) website | 2007

Nobel (brewery)

Website design for a brewery in Brasil (2 images).


Globo Universidade website | 2007

Globo Universidade

Art direction for the Globo Universidade portal.


Não Por Acaso website | 2007

Não Por Acaso

Art direction and development of website for the movie Não Por Acaso (2007, Philippe Barcinsky, imdb).


Interactive Kiosk (Aspen Pharmaceutical) UI | 2004

Interactive Kiosk (Aspen Pharmaceutical)

Interactive presentation – navigating the human neurological system.


Interactive Scientific Paper on Childbirth academic | 2004

Interactive Scientific Paper on Childbirth

Interactive companion for a scientific paper on childbirth by Dr. Hugo Sabatino (UNICAMP) – link (external).


“Alô, Alô, Terezinha!” website | 2003

“Alô, Alô, Terezinha!”

Art direction of the promotional website for the movie Alô, Alô, Terezinha (Nelson Hoineff, 2009; imdb), about the irreverent Brazilian entertainer Chacrinha.1

  1. Partnership with tomath studio. []

tomath branding | 2009


Branding and responsive website design for tomath studio, including logo design and guidelines, print and motion design.

  1. I collaborated with tomath on the website for the movie Alô, Alô Terezinha []

DJ Anaís interface | 2008

DJ Anaís

Website for DJ Anaís, updated dynamically in English, Portuguese and German (no longer online).


Sportingbet (e-gaming) website | 2007

Sportingbet (e-gaming)

Web design, branding and animated tutorial development for e-gaming company (3 images).


Garfield Look-alike (FOX) website | 2007

Garfield Look-alike (FOX)

Promotional website for the Garfield film. The campaign was based on a Garfield look-alike contest.


Paulistano Hospital web | 2007

Paulistano Hospital

Website design for Hospital Paulistano (São Paulo, Brasil).


Sem Piruá branding | 2004

Sem Piruá

Branding for the Brazilian pop culture website Sem Piruá (visit).


Garoupa Logistics anima | 2004

Garoupa Logistics

Branding, website design and instructional animation for transportation company.


Kaffa Software website | 2003

Kaffa Software


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