Interface, product and website design, art direction and development.
MissionMaker 2 tool

MissionMaker 2 (Unity)

MissionMaker is a game authoring tool that is part of Playing Beowulf, an educational project focused on procedural literacy, based on London Knowledge Lab (UCL IOE). I worked on the research and development team of this project as part of my PhD.


pedralumen (lightningstone) installation+app

pedralumen (lightningstone)

Installation artwork about words and their meanings – includes a physical object (displayed at the exhibit) and an app.


Nobel (brewery) website

Nobel (brewery)

Website design for a brewery in Brasil (2 images).


Globo Universidade website

Globo Universidade

Art direction for the Globo Universidade portal.


Não Por Acaso website

Não Por Acaso

Art direction and development of website for the movie Não Por Acaso (2007, Philippe Barcinsky, imdb).


Interactive Kiosk (Aspen Pharmaceutical) UI

Interactive Kiosk (Aspen Pharmaceutical)

Interactive presentation – navigating the human neurological system.


Interactive Scientific Paper on Childbirth academic

Interactive Scientific Paper on Childbirth

Interactive companion for a scientific paper on childbirth by Dr. Hugo Sabatino (UNICAMP) – link (external).


“Alô, Alô, Terezinha!” website

“Alô, Alô, Terezinha!”

Art direction of the promotional website for the movie Alô, Alô, Terezinha (Nelson Hoineff, 2009; imdb), about the irreverent Brazilian entertainer Chacrinha.1

  1. Partnership with tomath studio.

tomath branding


Branding and responsive website design for tomath studio, including logo design and guidelines, print and motion design.

  1. I collaborated with tomath on the website for the movie Alô, Alô Terezinha

DJ Anaís interface

DJ Anaís

Website for DJ Anaís, updated dynamically in English, Portuguese and German (no longer online).


Sportingbet (e-gaming) website

Sportingbet (e-gaming)

Web design, branding and animated tutorial development for e-gaming company (3 images).


Garfield Look-alike (FOX) website

Garfield Look-alike (FOX)

Promotional website for the Garfield film. The campaign was based on a Garfield look-alike contest.


Paulistano Hospital web

Paulistano Hospital

Website design for Hospital Paulistano (São Paulo, Brasil).


Sem Piruá branding

Sem Piruá

Branding for the Brazilian pop culture website Sem Piruá (visit).


Garoupa Logistics anima

Garoupa Logistics

Branding, website design and instructional animation for transportation company.


Kaffa Software website

Kaffa Software


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