Generative, procedural and programatic creations and experiments.
Procedural Authorship: Playing Beowulf research

Procedural Creation

The Playing Beowulf project is about procedural literacy and it involves the development of an educational game authoring software. My work on it focused on the methodology, tools and user interface for procedural authorship – my activities included design, research and development, workshop tutoring and academic output.

This project is based on the London Knowledge Lab (Institute of Education UCL), where I developed part of my Split-PhD research.


Day/Nite poetry


A little concrete poetry with SVG. Click here (new tab).


ProcJam 2015 blog

ProcJam 2015
I participated with two works in the Procedural Generation Jam 2015: Branco and Algorithmic Opera.


Bones procedural


Skeleton simulator (non-interactive). Click above (static version here).


Algorithmic Opera procedural

Ópera Algorítmica

Editing will become the writing of a software program that will tell the computer how to arrange (i.e., shot order, cuts, dissolves, wipes, etc.) the information on the disc, playing it back in the specified sequence in real time or allowing the viewer to intervene.

(Bill Viola, 1995)1

Algorithmic Opera is a procedural reinterpretation of video capture of a live performance. The video by brazilian artist José Roberto Aguilar is displayed continuously according to a series of rules used to apply cuts, repetitions and rhythms in real time. This work is a partnership between myself and artist Lucila Meirelles.

  1. Bill Viola is a videoartist and also works with digital media. Quote from “Will There Be Condominiums in Data Space?”, in The New Media Reader.

Manafox Remix sound art

Manafox RemixManafox Remix

Sound art experiment for generating rhythms and loops based on any audio file. Click above to open (wait loading – 2MB) or listen to a static version below.

This version is based on the music Rabbit Skinner, by David Sylvian.


rgb2xyz 3d+algorithm

In the rgb2xyz series I transpose some images from 2D to 3D space according to RGB values for each pixel. The resulting images are unique and allow for new ways to see – or visualize – the information in the original content. View images in the full post below (click to enlarge).


Line procedural

Line (2010)

Click above to open (Flash). View some images.

Move mouse to “draw”, click to pause, spacebar to reset.


Firula toy


Generative drawing toy in p5.js. Play here!


Chromatic Connections experiment

Chromatic Connections

Experiments in image processing. The algorithm connects pixels with similar RGB values using lines, resulting in a “sketch” look.


Join Us (Venus Volts) interactive

Join Us (Venus Volts)

Interactive cover art for the single Join Us from the band Venus Volts.


Learn interactive

Learn (2009)Learn (2009)

Learn is an interactive application based on a simple artificial learning algorithm. The little blue balls are born, they move according to gestures defined by the user and then die. Click above to open (new tab).

Watch an animation created using this algorithm here (new tab).


Scribbles (Adrian Ward) algorithm

Programming is no less an art form than, say, painting is a technical process. (Ward, 1999)

Adrian Ward is a digital artist and musician. Since his first contact with computers his approach with technology has always been subversive. In the article How I Drew One Of My Pictures the artist describes a simple ZX BASIC program that “scribbles” on the screen. I use this algorithm as an example in my masters dissertation about procedural poetics (about).

See my implementation of the algorithm in Processing here (new tab).

Attention (2014/02/01): in new Java versions this application requires a “medium” security setting (Windows/Control Panel)

View some images from the algorithm’s output in the full post (below).


Esboços Procedurais procedural

Experimentos visuais generativos simples inspirados pela minha leitura do Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists (Reas & Fry, 2007). Clique acima ou leia o post completo para ver as imagens com comentários.


Amoreiras Project installation

Amoreiras Project

Amoreiras Project is an installation about autonomy, artificial learning, nature and the environment. Developed with Processing and Arduino, in collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais.


Fake 3D interactive


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