Games, prototypes and other experiments.
Pixel Man pixel art

Pixel Man



Bisneto (great-grandson) prototype

Prototype for an isometric adventure game about memory (loss).


Join Us (Venus Volts) interactive

Join Us (Venus Volts)

Interactive cover art for the single Join Us from the band Venus Volts.


Learn interactive

Learn (2009)Learn (2009)

Learn is an interactive application based on a simple artificial learning algorithm. The little blue balls are born, they move according to gestures defined by the user and then die. Click above to open (new tab).

Watch an animation created using this algorithm here (new tab).


Line procedural

Line (2010)

Click above to open (Flash). View some images.

Move mouse to “draw”, click to pause, spacebar to reset.


Box Voxel Editor

Box (2008)

Box is a simple voxel editor prototype for 3D pixel-art (isometric view), made in Flash. Run at 800×600 or 400×300.

Click voxels to “sculpt”. Click the arrow to rotate 90 degrees.

View images of the editor below, in the full post.


Marriage interactive

The Marriage simulator! Click above to play (Flash, with sound).

Click the priest’s head and find out if the marriage will work.
Features modular character design.


3D Snake prototype

3D Snake

Prototype for a 3D snake-like game, being developed in Unity.


Nibballs game

Nibballs is based on the classic Snake game (or Nibbles).
Part of FILE 2009 Festival, in the Games category (play|image).


Bones procedural


Skeleton simulator (non-interactive). Click above (static version here).


Nibballs II game

Nibballs II (in development)

Game in development. Click above for images.
Based on the first Nibballs.


Suzy L. Heart game

Suzy L. Heart (in development)

Suzy L. Heart is a game about finding lost children and edible walls. In final stages of development (since 2009!). Click above for images.

The game is based on a fun mechanic that involves dynamic deformation of level topology.


Caindo na Real (Getting Real) procedural

Interactive visual/sound narrative about the last deliriums of a man. Each body part produces a sound loop (interactive version not available).


Baurraus interactive

Baurraus (2004)Baurraus (2004)

Two minimalist interactive graphical studies of a stylized human figure.
View Opostos (Opposites) and Natação (Swimming).

Read captions for instructions. Made with Actionscript (Adobe Flash).


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