3D Design, animation and experiments.
3D Design 3d | 2013

3D Design

This post contains a selection of 3D design works, for stills and animations. Productions for architecture studios, advertising agencies and personal experiments. View images in the full post (6 images, click to enlarge).


Planeta Banana toy | 2010


TopMod 3d | 2009

TopMod and other experiments in 3D.TopMod and other experiments in 3D.

Experiments in computer graphics with TopMod3d, an open-source software for topological modeling (website).

View images in the full post, below.


The Means Are The Ends anima | 2009

Music video for Radiare. Watch: vimeo or youtube (images).


Kaffa Software website | 2003

Kaffa Software


Cubes | 2013

The secret life of cubes (music is not mine; non-profit artwork; images).


rgb2xyz 3d+algorithm | 2010

In the rgb2xyz series I transpose some images from 2D to 3D space according to RGB values for each pixel. The resulting images are unique and allow for new ways to see – or visualize – the information in the original content. View images in the full post below (click to enlarge).


Fake 3D interactive | 2009


Stands and POS 3D | 2005

Design and visualization of 3D structures and spaces for stands and POS.
View more exhibit design works here.


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