Comics and/or sequential art projects and one-offs.
Dirty Rotten Strip publication

Dirty Rotten Comics

I am part of the Dirty Rotten Comics #4 anthology, which spans almost 100 pages and over 40 contributors. Images in the full post!


Modern Love comics

Modern Love

Modern Love is an experimental comics project with no fixed style, format or theme. As of now there is a total of 1600+ comics published – view some of them in this post, visit the facebook albums for a wider selection, or (if you’re crazy) read all of them in the original website (Comic Genesis).


Alguns HQs ilustração

Desenhos e imagens diversas de algumas histórias e quadrinhos e tirinhas. Clique na imagem acima para ver (quatro imagens).

[Publicado originalmente em 2011/11/19.]


Indiana Cidade ilustração


Beijoca Tênis ilustração


Dead Doll ilustra


Illustrated Abstracts comics

I made “abstracts in sequential art” for three books on art and technology:

1. Technology in Art (Edmond Couchot, 1998 – 6 pages)
2. Theories and documents… (Stiles & Selz, 1996 – 1 page);
3. Art of the electronic age (Frank Popper,1993 – 2 pages).

[Translated in 2016/11/1. Original post from 2008/10/22.]


Gaiola hq

Publicada originalmente no site Amor Moderno.


The Bathroom comic

The Bathroom (Modern Love)The Bathroom (Modern Love)
Click above to view (31 panels – use arrow keys). (Modern Love?)


False Advertising comic

False Advertising

False Advertising (“Publicidade Enganosa” in Portuguese) was a comic strip satirizing advertising agencies. I published it weekly for over 3 years. Archive available on facebook or on the website.


Mais Alguns HQ hq

Partes de HQs antigos inacabados. Mais aqui.


Shirt Air hq


What Are You Doing? ilustra

Ilustração criada com base na identidade visual do Twitter.


Ears Go By ilustra


Mansion Boys hq

Baseada em letras de músicas dos Beach Boys.


Albums de Música (série) hq

Algumas ilustrações e desenhos da série “Albums de Música”. Publicados anteriormente  na íntegra no site Amor Moderno. Clique na imagem acima para ver (duas imagens).


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