Rumos Cybernetic Art symposium

Rumos Arte Cibernética (Itaú Cultural)Rumos Arte Cibernética (Itaú Cultural)

Rumos Cybernetic Art (“Arte Cibernética”) was an exhibit and symposium for the presentation of the artwork and academic projects for the artists and researchers awarded with the Itaú Rumos prize in 2006 and 2009. The event was held from July to September of 2011 at the Itaú Cultural (São Paulo, Brasil).

I participated in the round table discussion Hacker and Algorithmic Art, presenting my project awarded in the academic research category in 2009 (read more here).


There was an interesting discussion about collaborative art with researcher Tatiana Travisani in the same day of my round table. The next day there where debates about games, digital cinema and interactive music systems.

Among the artworks in the exhibit was Campo Minado, an interesting project by Claudio Bueno.

Visit the website for the event here.

[Translated 2013/12/12. Original: 2011/06/30.]

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