Creative Coding: Comercial Applications cases

The following is a selection of practical examples of interesting projects and products related to creative/expressive coding (topic of PhD research). The idea here is to shift the focus from artistic, expressive or experimental projects, which I usually deal with in my studies, to the more comercial applications in the creative industry.

Brand New Subway (2016/08): game about the NYC subway (link)
Three-Body Problem (2016/06): WIRED article (link)
Collapse (2016/03): promo website for The Division (link)
The Doomsday Invention (2015/11): New Yorker (link)
Interactive music videos and… (2015/10): Molleindustria (link)
Google Doodles (link)
Mapa interativo de São Paulo (2016/06): Folha de S.Paulo (link)
Games a serviço da aprendizagem (2016/04): Educação/Estadão (link)
Science Kombat (2016/03): Superinteressante (link)

Based my research twitter maquinacriadora (Sep/2015-Sep/201).

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