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The two articles presented here resulted from my work in the Playing Beowulf project, during my research period at the London Knowledge Lab (Institute of Education UCL). This project involves the implementation of a game authoring software based on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf. I made several case study analyses of the videogames created during a pilot workshop for the project, in October 2014, as well as interviews with their creators.

– Read more about Playing Beowulf here.
– My work at the LKL also resulted in a longer theoretical article (here).

Note: the articles are hosted at the DARE website.

A MissionMaker Case Study

This is a case study of an adventure created in MissionMaker, a videogame authoring tool for creative learning. This text is based on an analysis of the game and its creative process, as well as a conversation with its creator. The objective is to bring new insights about the MissionMaker software and its applications in education and research.

(Download link: pdf, Nov. 2014)

MissionMaker Conversations

This document is based on a series of conversations with participants of the Beowulf Workshop. Rather than a direct transcript, this text is an attempt to register and organize the most relevant information gathered in the conversations, and to present some general considerations and recurring topics.

(Download link: pdf, Dec. 2014)


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