Modern Love Songs 2016 music

Third musical compilation of lofi home recordings.

Three originals, three covers and one composition by Portuguese musician mesnitu. Collaborations in two tracks (credits below). PS: there are trains going through most of the tracks.

Listen in the video above or player below.
Download the mp3s: zip (7 tracks, 46.3MB, 24.09min) | m3u

PS: previous compilations here!


1. Invasão (Invasion) (video)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, qtips box, hair brush

2. Alto e Claro (Loud and Clear) (video – audio only)
Marty Keil: melodica, soprano saxophone
Lonnie: bass
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion (FL Studio; typewriter and crash samples)

3. Madrugada Florida (soundcloud)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, effects pedal

4. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, metronome, crumpled paper (?)

5. Explain (Jeremy Enigk cover)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, metronome, piano/synth (Walk Band), samples

6. Modern Love (David Bowie cover) (soundcloud; version 1)
DF: hamper lid, acoustic guitar, vocals, kazoo

7. Numa Espécie de Logro (mesnitu) (soundcloud; v1)
mesnitu: acoustic guitar, synth
DF: vocals (and mixing)

Songs recorded in 2015/2016 using borrowed guitars (additional recordings in mid 2016), except for Alto e Claro (recorded in mid 2010), Numa Espécie de Logro (2010?) and Madrugada Florida (August 2012). Last two songs are slightly modified/remixes versions of previously released tracks – Modern Love (cover), in January 2016 and Logro in June 2014. Collaborations in tracks 2 and 7 possible thanks to the Kompoz community. Mixed in Audacity (I know).

PS: links to the originals for the covers: (youtube)
Folsom Prison Blues (With His Hot and Blue Guitar, 1957 – Johnny Cash)
Explain (Return of the Frog Queen, 1996 – Jeremy Enigk)
Modern Love (Let’s Dance, 1983 – David Bowie)

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