Nibballs game

Nibballs is based on the classic Snake game (or Nibbles).
Part of FILE 2009 Festival, in the Games category (play|image).

FILE 2009

FILE (Electronic Language International Festival) was held at Sesi Paulista’s cultural space, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from July 27 to August 31, 2009.

The festival featured works in Net-Art, Video-Installations, Interactive Works, Games, Robotic Performances, Hypermedia Works, Telematic Actions, Artificial Intelligences, Interactive Cinematics, Expanded Realities, The New Culture Of Interfaces and Tangible Immaterialities.

Visit the FILE website (info on my work here; broken).

PS: Nibballs II is in the making! Send me a message mentioning “Nibballs II” to be notified when it’s online.

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