Art direction works in advertising and design.
Finasa – Bradesco (banking) banner

Finasa – Bradesco (banking)

Banner design and art direction for banking sector (3 images).


Imóveis – Bradesco (banking) banner



tomath branding


Branding and responsive website design for tomath studio, including logo design and guidelines, print and motion design.

  1. I collaborated with tomath on the website for the movie Alô, Alô Terezinha

Nobel (brewery) website

Nobel (brewery)

Website design for a brewery in Brasil (2 images).


Globo Universidade website

Globo Universidade

Art direction for the Globo Universidade portal.


Não Por Acaso website

Não Por Acaso

Art direction and development of website for the movie Não Por Acaso (2007, Philippe Barcinsky, imdb).


Centenary of Japanese Immigration logo

Logotype design for the Centenary of Japanese Immigration in Brazil.


The Omen (banner) banner

The Omen (banner)

Overlay banner for The Omen (2006) campaign in Brasil (Fox Films).


Icarus anima


Vignette for Icarus fashion design label based on their art.


Cartões – Bradesco (banking) hotsite

Cartões - Bradesco (banking)


PrevJovem – Bradesco (banking) hotsite

PrevJovem - Bradesco


Sportingbet (e-gaming) website

Sportingbet (e-gaming)

Web design, branding and animated tutorial development for e-gaming company (3 images).


Garfield Look-alike (FOX) website

Garfield Look-alike (FOX)

Promotional website for the Garfield film. The campaign was based on a Garfield look-alike contest.


Pink Panther banner

Pantera Cor de Rosa (Fox Filmes, 2006)Pantera Cor de Rosa (Fox Filmes, 2006)

Banner for Pink Panther (FOX Films). View here.


Siemens (BenQ) website

Siemens (BenQ): promotional hotsite


20th Century Fox banner

20th Century Fox

Original animated and interactive banners created for Fox Films Latin America website and campaigns. Click names below to view.

Stay (2005) (interactive)
Separate Lies (2005)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) (interactive, sound)
The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Big Momma’s House (2000)
Walk the Line (2005) (interactive)
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) (sound)


More: doodles (70), sound (6),
typography (7), object (5),
music (8), comics (22)