Sobre objetivos e prioridades documentário

Dois breves trechos de Code Rush (2000), um ótimo documentário sobre a trajetória do desenvolvimento do Netscape Navigator:

When a company gets to be above a certain size, it’s just a process, a mechanism for making money. Innovation is one possible way of doing that, but it’s a risky way, so big companies don’t do that (…). They buy companies. They wait until someone has done something interesting and then they acquire them and milk them for all it’s worth (…) Lot’s of companies do that. It’s just a normal way of doing business. (Jamie W. Zawinski)

AOL’s focus and Netscape’s growing focus has been marketing, advertising and all that stuff. That’s not nearly as interesting to someone who’s sort of a techno-fetishist. (Tara Hernandez)

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