ZN:PRDM installation

ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)

In “ZN:PRDM”, through distinctive markings and existing maps, we searched for clues and signs of groundwater flow, in addition to ducts, sewers, wires and cables, garages and subways, in overlapping, rectified paths of our cities.

Collaboration with Poéticas Digitais – more images in their website.

Developed in the context of the Simpósio ZL Vórtice: Intervenções Urbanas – Laboratório, at the Centro Universitário Maria Antônia – USP (from March to June 2013). Presented in June 19th by Gilbertto Prado (video).


Catavento (Windmill) installation

Catavento (Windmill) is a project about the forming skies and clouds dialogue in function of the location, intensity and direction of winds. Images in the full post.

Projection in the side of the Museu Nacional da República in Brasília (Brasil), in the exhibit Em Meio #3, part of #10ARTE, in August of 2011.

Collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais – more images in their website (in Portuguese).


Amoreiras Project installation

Amoreiras Project

Amoreiras Project is an installation about autonomy, artificial learning, nature and the environment. Developed with Processing and Arduino, in collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais.


Stands and POS 3D

Design and visualization of 3D structures and spaces for stands and POS.
View more exhibit design works here.


3D Design 3d

3D Design

This post contains a selection of 3D design works, for stills and animations. Productions for architecture studios, advertising agencies and personal experiments. View images in the full post (6 images, click to enlarge).


Meeting of Waters (Encontros) installation

Videos containing the flow of different-colored waters will be played on two mobile phones. On one side, the predominant color is black; on the other, the predominant color is brown. Images in full post.

Participated in 1.ART (Museu Nacional da República, DF – Brasília), in October 2012, and Continuum, in IV Festival de Arte e Tecnologia do Recife, at the Centro Cultural Correios (PE), in 2013.

Collaboration with Poéticas Digitais – view project in their website (in Portuguese).


pedralumen (lightningstone) installation+app

pedralumen (lightningstone)

Installation artwork about words and their meanings – includes a physical object (displayed at the exhibit) and an app.


More: doodles (71), sound (6),
typography (7), object (6),
music (8), comics (22)