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Procedural Expressiveness research | 2016
narratives, games and the expressive use of digital media (PhD)

Expressividade ProceduralExpressividade Procedural

My PhD research was about the expressive use of digital media. Part of this research was developed at the London Knowledge Lab (University College London/Institute of Education), with funding by CNPq (post).

In Brasil, the project was part of the Visual Arts program at the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA/USP), with funding by CAPES.

Thesis defended in May 20th 2016, at ECA/USP.

Soon, links for the thesis and other updates. Read the abstract below.


Nibballs game | 2015
It's Nibbles with balls!

Nibballs is based on the classic Snake game (or Nibbles).
Part of FILE 2009 Festival, in the Games category (play|image).


Digital Works at FILE 2015 exhibit | 2015
"Learn" and "Join Us" are in the Media Art category

FILE 2015

I participated in the FILE 2015 (International Electronic Language Festival) exhibit with two works: Learn, an experiment in artificial learning, and Join Us, an “interactive cover art”.

FILE 2015 happened in São Paulo, Brasil, from June 15th to July 19th (program).

My posts on previous editions: 2009, 2011 (in Portuguese) and 2013.


Procedural Authorship: Playing Beowulf research | 2015
PhD research at the London Knowledge Lab (IOE UCL)

Procedural Creation

The Playing Beowulf project is about procedural literacy and it involves the development of an educational game authoring software. It is based on the London Knowledge Lab (Institute of Education UCL), where I developed part of my Split-PhD research on procedural authorship.

In this post I describe the project as well as my activities during that period.


Join Us (Venus Volts) interactive | 2015
Interactive cover art for the single from the band Venus Volts

Interactive cover art - Join Us (Venus Volts)Interactive cover art - Join Us (Venus Volts)

Click above to view the “interactive cover art” toy/game for the single Join Us from the band Venus Volts (new tab).

[Post: 2013/11/03]


Sensual Tales of a Restless Mind illustra | 2014

Contos Sensuais de uma Mente Inquieta
Cover and illustrations for the book Sensual Tales of a Restless Mind (Amazon/Kindle; portuguese), from my friend Mônica Martins (by the sexy pseudonym Kate Blair;). Click above (3 images).

Mônica is also the editor for the website Sem Piruá.


Learn interactive | 2013
Experiment with simple learning algorithm (2009-2013)

Learn (2009)Learn (2009)

Learn is an interactive application based on a simple artificial learning algorithm. The little blue balls are born, they move according to gestures defined by the user and then die. Click above to open (new tab).

Watch an animation created using this algorithm here (new tab).


Hello World! Processing DOC/TRANSLATION | 2013
Documentary on Creative Coding and Processing

When you write a computer program you are basically encoding an idea into a specific notation that a computer can run. (Casey Reas)

Hello World! Processing (2013, ~41min) is an interesting documentary about creative coding, with focus on open source tools.

I contributed with a portuguese translation of the subtitles, with help from Artur Cabral Reis (Processing SP) and Marcelo Padovani Macieira.

– Video with subtitles in portuguese not yet available (download .srt).
– Project website here: hello-world.cc (interview with directors here).


ouronão ♫ project | 2013
musical project, acoustic moody songs

ouronão (projeto)ouronão (projeto)

Musical project composed by Fabrício Frebs and Daniel Ferreira (myself), with participation from invited musicians. Listen to the first two songs Faça as Malas and Fora do Ar.

Launch website (portuguese) | Facebook page


Modern Love comics | 2013

Modern Love

Modern Love is an experimental webcomic with no fixed style, format or theme. Visit the website or the facebook page.

Created in 2006, updated daily, then weekly and now rarely.


Modern Love ♫ music | 2012
Lo-fi, acoustic and experimental songs (solo project)

Solo project through which I publish some of my songs, old and new. Mostly crude home recordings. I released two compilations so far.

Modern Love Sonic (2012) – 10 songs, 15 min (m3uzip)

Modern Love Comic (2008) – 6 songs, 13 min (m3uzip)

PS: webcomics for the songs in the first compilation: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
PS: second compilation at SoundCloud (videos for track 1 and track 7).


Meeting of Waters (Encontros) installation | 2012

Encontros (2012)

Videos containing the flow of different-colored waters will be played on two mobile phones. On one side, the predominant color is black; on the other, the predominant color is brown. Click above to see an image.

Collaboration with Poéticas Digitais. Participated in 1.ART (Museu Nacional da República, DF – Brasília), in October 2012, and Continuum, in IV Festival de Arte e Tecnologia do Recife, at the Centro Cultural Correios (PE), in 2013.


Dibujos en España illustration | 2012

Doodles/illustrations of places/people around south of Spain (2012).
Click above (11 images). Obs: pictures from the trip here.


Hacker and Algorithmic Art round table | 2011
Round table: Rumos Arte Cibernética (Itaú Cultural)

Hacker and Algorithmic Art (Itaú Cultural)Hacker and Algorithmic Art (Itaú Cultural)

The round table discussion Hacker and Algorithmic Art was held July 2011, as part of the Rumos Arte Cibernética symposium, at the Itaú Cultural. I participated in the debate alongside Daniel Hora (UnB), mediated by Guilherme Kujawski.

I presented my research project about the Procedural Poetics, awarded with the Itaú Rumos prize for academic research in 2009 (post).

– The debate was streamed online (video – in portuguese).
– Read a post about the Rumos Arte Cibernética symposium here.


rgb2xyz 3d+algorithm | 2010
Transposing images from 2D to 3D space (MaxScript)

In the rgb2xyz series I transpose some images from 2D to 3D space according to RGB values for each pixel. The resulting images are unique and allow for new ways to see – or visualize – the information in the original content. View images in the full post below (click to enlarge).


Amoreiras Project installation | 2010

TITULOAmoreiras Project

Amoreiras Project is an installation about autonomy, artificial learning, nature and the environment. Developed in collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais.

Created for the exhibit Emoção Art.ficial 5.0 (link).

Also part of III Mostra 3M de Arte Digital (Tomie Ohtake, 2012) and as a documentary in FASE 3 (Buenos Aires, 2011), EmMeio (Museu Nacional da República, Brasília, 2010) and Softborders (Galeria de Artes da Unesp, 2011).


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