Comics and/or sequential art projects and one-offs.
Dirty Rotten Strip publication | 2015

Dirty Rotten Comics

I am part of the Dirty Rotten Comics #4 anthology, which spans almost 100 pages and over 40 contributors. Images in the full post!


Modern Love comics | 2013

Modern Love

Modern Love is an experimental comics project with no fixed style, format or theme. As of now there is a total of 1600+ comics published – view some of them in this post, visit the facebook albums for a wider selection, or (if you’re crazy) read all of them in the original website (Comic Genesis).


Alguns HQs ilustração | 2013

Desenhos e imagens diversas de algumas histórias e quadrinhos e tirinhas. Clique na imagem acima para ver (quatro imagens).

[Publicado originalmente em 2011/11/19.]


Indiana Cidade ilustração | 2011


Beijoca Tênis ilustração | 2010


Dead Doll ilustra | 2009


Illustrated Abstracts comics | 2008

I made “abstracts in sequential art” for three books on art and technology:

1. Technology in Art (Edmond Couchot, 1998 – 6 pages)
2. Theories and documents… (Stiles & Selz, 1996 – 1 page);
3. Art of the electronic age (Frank Popper,1993 – 2 pages).

[Translated in 2016/11/1. Original post from 2008/10/22.]


Gaiola hq | 2008

Publicada originalmente no site Amor Moderno.


The Bathroom comic | 2013

The Bathroom (Modern Love)The Bathroom (Modern Love)
Click above to view (31 panels – use arrow keys). (Modern Love?)


False Advertising comic | 2013

False Advertising

False Advertising (“Publicidade Enganosa” in Portuguese) was a comic strip satirizing advertising agencies. I published it weekly for over 3 years. Archive available on facebook or on the website.


Mais Alguns HQ hq | 2013

Partes de HQs antigos inacabados. Mais aqui.


Shirt Air hq | 2010


What Are You Doing? ilustra | 2009

Ilustração criada com base na identidade visual do Twitter.


Ears Go By ilustra | 2008


Mansion Boys hq | 2008

Baseada em letras de músicas dos Beach Boys.


Albums de Música (série) hq | 2008

Algumas ilustrações e desenhos da série “Albums de Música”. Publicados anteriormente  na íntegra no site Amor Moderno. Clique na imagem acima para ver (duas imagens).


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