Modern Love ♫ music
Lo-fi, acoustic and experimental songs

[Update: there are new songs in the 2016 compilation!]

Solo project through which I publish some of my songs, old and new. Mostly crude home recordings. I released two compilations so far.

Modern Love Sonic (2012) – 10 songs, 15 min (m3uzip)

Modern Love Comic (2008) – 6 songs, 13 min (m3uzip)

PS: webcomics for the songs in the first compilation: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
PS: second compilation at SoundCloud (videos for track 1 and track 7).


Meeting of Waters (Encontros) installation

Encontros (2012)

Videos containing the flow of different-colored waters will be played on two mobile phones. On one side, the predominant color is black; on the other, the predominant color is brown. Click above to see an image.

Collaboration with Poéticas Digitais. Participated in 1.ART (Museu Nacional da República, DF – Brasília), in October 2012, and Continuum, in IV Festival de Arte e Tecnologia do Recife, at the Centro Cultural Correios (PE), in 2013.



Dibujos en España illustration

Doodles/illustrations of places/people around south of Spain (2012).
Click above (11 images). Obs: pictures from the trip here.


Hacker and Algorithmic Art round table
Round table: Rumos Arte Cibernética (Itaú Cultural)

Hacker and Algorithmic Art (Itaú Cultural)Hacker and Algorithmic Art (Itaú Cultural)

The round table discussion Hacker and Algorithmic Art was held July 2011, as part of the Rumos Arte Cibernética symposium, at the Itaú Cultural. I participated in the debate alongside Daniel Hora (UnB), mediated by Guilherme Kujawski.

I presented my research project about the Procedural Poetics, awarded with the Itaú Rumos prize for academic research in 2009 (post).

– The debate was streamed online (video – in portuguese).
– Read a post about the Rumos Arte Cibernética symposium here.



rgb2xyz 3d+algorithm
Transposing images from 2D to 3D space (MaxScript)

In the rgb2xyz series I transpose some images from 2D to 3D space according to RGB values for each pixel. The resulting images are unique and allow for new ways to see – or visualize – the information in the original content. View images in the full post below (click to enlarge).



Amoreiras Project installation

TITULOAmoreiras Project

Amoreiras Project is an installation about autonomy, artificial learning, nature and the environment. Developed with Processing and Arduino, in collaboration with Grupo Poéticas Digitais.

Watch a video documentation of the project here (narrated in English).

Created for the exhibit Emoção Art.ficial 5.0 (link).

Also part of III Mostra 3M de Arte Digital (Tomie Ohtake, 2012) and as a documentary in FASE 3 (Buenos Aires, 2011), EmMeio (Museu Nacional da República, Brasília, 2010) and Softborders (Galeria de Artes da Unesp, 2011).


Rumos Arte Cibernética Award award
Academic research category (Instituto Itaú Cultural)

Prêmio Rumos Arte Cibernética (2009)

In 2009 my masters research on the Procedural Poetics received the Rumos Arte Cibernética award for academic research, from the Instituto Itaú Cultural (São Paulo, Brasil).

There was also a symposium in which I participated in a debate and presented my research. I also published a paper about my project in the website of the event (post).

Read about my masters research here.


Red Blues anima

Clipe em animação para a música da banda Del-o-Max.
Animated music video for the band Del-O-Max.
Watch in vimeo or youtube. View some images.

– Screened at the III Mostra Curta Audiovisual (MIS, Campinas/SP, Brasil, 2008)
– Award at Dia Municipal do Rock (2007)


Kuadriculado font

Kuadriculado is a minimalist pixel font (images | dafont). The goal was to represent all the characters using the smallest possible grid and the least number of pixels. Better used in titles and short text.


Não Por Acaso site

Art direction and development of the website for the movie Não Por Acaso (2007, Philippe Barcinsky, imdb). View images here.