Red INAV 2012 convention | 2012

Congresso Red INAV

The Red INAV 2012 (site|facebook) convention was about audiovisual narratives. It was held in May, in the cities of Mállaga (23th and 24th) and Sevilla (25th), in Spain.

I presented the article Procedural and Interactive Narratives: new creative strategies and the expressivity of digital media, which was also published in the Comunicación journal of the University of Sevilla (post).

I also participated in the debate about Transmedia Narratives, coordinated by Fernando Morales (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Francisco Javier Gómez Tarín (Universitat Jaume I de Castellón).

View some pictures below.

Congresso Red INAV
My presentation in Mállaga.

Congresso Red INAV
Discussion on Transmedia Narratives

Congresso Red INAV
University of Málaga Campus

[Posted 2013/12/10 as a translation of the original in portuguese.]

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