3rd International Convention for Puredata event

This month took place in São Paulo the pd~con09 (3rd International Convention for Puredata), in a series of activities and performances.

“The International Convention for Puredata (Pd) is a periodic event that started in 2004 and is the most important event of the community of developers and enthusiasts of Pd. The Pd is a programming language itself to the development of interactive applications, allowing the manipulation of data flow in real-time. ” (text from blog)

Since I’ve been experimenting with Pd the last few weeks, I was curious to watch at least some of the presentations. I went last friday and saw some performances in the SESC auditorium (Paulista Av.).

The presentation that interested me most was Silent Construction by Jaime Oliver (Peru), because of the beautiful visuals and sound textures that the artist generated with the instrument. Click here to watch a video from one of his performances, including some “behind the scenes” footage from the inner workings of the algorithm used (unfortunately this is not the same performance I saw – the lighting was much cooler, all dark, with only one light source inside the drum).

I also enjoyed [kleine machine], digital poetry by a duo called HP Process (France), mixing sound, visuals and motion capture in some kind of hybrid narrative revolving around the image captured in real time of a woman in a red dress (which eventually ended up in the stage floor). They have audio and video in their myspace page here.

My only complaint about the performances was that the sound was too loud. I’m sure many people went home that night with damaged eardrums.

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