Computers and Code in the Media tweets | 2016

Below is a selection of my tweets on or about what I consider to be confusions, misunderstandings and blunders, both in the media and popular culture, about topics related to my research (such as – but not limited to – technology, coding, games, AI, procedurality, language etc.).

Links may be either directly to said confusing content or to a related commentary/post on them. Enjoy!

This is from my research-related twitter account maquinacriadora, spanning from around Sep/2015 to Sep/2016.1

[Posted 2016/09/12]2

  1. This list doesn’t include particularly extreme or humorous cases of tech-cluelessness. Also, note that, much like this blog, my research twitter is an informal channel of communication. For more academically rigorous content, please refer to my PhD thesis, Masters dissertation or articles. []
  2. Testing twitter-based post. Not sure if this will work (without breaking in the near future). Also, I’m pretty sure this is not the best way to organize and present this (probably I should have tagged these posts with a certain # and use that to filter my feed. Oh well.). []

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