Consistency in Procedural Creation paper

Consistency in Procedural Creation

My paper Consistency in Procedural Strategies and the Expressiveness of Digital Media (“Consistência nas Estratégias Procedurais e a Expressividade do Digital” – pdf, in portuguese) was part of the ABCiber v symposium 2011. [1]

Read the abstract bellow:

Despite the rich creative output by artists working in digital media, the expressive potential of this particular medium is still relatively unexplored.

In this article we will examine specifically the issue of consistency in games and procedural narratives, as well as the role of procedural strategies of creation in general in the consolidation of digital media as an independent expressive form.

Key-words: poetics, procedural strategies of creation, expressivity of the digital medium.

[Translated 2013/12/15. Original post from 2011/09/22.

  1. The event was held in Florianópolis (Brasil) in November 2011. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend to present my paper. []

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