A Methodology of Analysis article | 2009

The article The Creative Process in Digital Media: a methodology of analysis participated in the XVIII ANPAP (post) and the #8.ART (post) meetings, both in September 2009.1 Read the abstract below:2

In this paper I present the initial phase of my masters research, In which Is proposed a reflection about creativity, style and authorship in the digital poetics.

The goal is to study the mechanisms of the creative process through an investigation of the collaborative relation between the artist and the machine, from the perspective of Software Studies.

One of the theoretical mechanisms adopted is a classification of the various layers involved in the creative process, starting at nature, going through social-cultural aspects and the crafts, and to the digital machine.

Key words: creativity, process, digital, methodology, software studies

The full article (in portuguese) can be downloaded here (pdf).

[Posted 2013/12/12 translated from 2009/07/28 post.]

  1. The XVIII ANPAP Meeting was about Transversalities in the visual arts and it happened in Salvador, Bahia (Brasil). The #8.ART meeting happened in Brasília (Brasil). []
  2. This article was partially written in the context of the discipline Matters of Image (“Questões da Imagem”), taught by Prof. Dr. Sílvia Laurentiz (ECA/USP) in the first semester of 2009. []

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