Modern Love Songs 2016 music
Acoustic lofi songs - originals and covers, old and new

Third musical compilation of lofi home recordings! (songs in Portuguese and in English) Three originals, three covers and one composition by Portuguese musician mesnitu. Collaborations in two tracks (credits below). PS: there are trains going through most of the tracks.

Listen in the video above or player below.
Download the mp3s: zip (7 tracks, 46.3MB, 24.09min) | m3u

PS: previous compilations here!


1. Invasão (Invasion) (video)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, qtips box, hair brush

2. Alto e Claro (Loud and Clear) (video – audio only)
Marty Keil: melodica, soprano saxophone
Lonnie: bass
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion (FL Studio; typewriter and crash samples)

3. Madrugada Florida (soundcloud)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, effects pedal

4. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, metronome, crumpled paper (?)

5. Explain (Jeremy Enigk cover)
DF: acoustic guitar, vocals, metronome, piano/synth (Walk Band), samples

6. Modern Love (David Bowie cover) (soundcloud; version 1)
DF: hamper lid, acoustic guitar, vocals, kazoo

7. Numa Espécie de Logro (mesnitu) (soundcloud; v1)
mesnitu: acoustic guitar, synth
DF: vocals (and mixing)

Songs recorded in 2015/2016 using borrowed guitars (additional recordings in mid 2016), except for Alto e Claro (recorded in mid 2010), Numa Espécie de Logro (2010?) and Madrugada Florida (August 2012). Last two songs are slightly modified/remixes versions of previously released tracks – Modern Love (cover), in January 2016 and Logro in June 2014. Collaborations in tracks 2 and 7 possible thanks to the Kompoz community. Mixed in Audacity (I know).

PS: links to the originals for the covers: (youtube)
Folsom Prison Blues (With His Hot and Blue Guitar, 1957 – Johnny Cash)
Explain (Return of the Frog Queen, 1996 – Jeremy Enigk)
Modern Love (Let’s Dance, 1983 – David Bowie)