Lucas Samaras art

Why are you conducting this interview?
I want to crystalize the daily situation of talking to myself. (…)
If you were alone in the world would you be an artist?
I am alone in the world. (…)
Are you nice to people?
No. I am accurate about my feelings.
Do you want to be wealthy?
Not any more.
Wealth is a profession.
Don’t you want to have wealth?
I want just enough to live and do my work without feeling that I have to give something away out of guilt or generosity.
What’s wrong with generosity?
It perpetuates a moneyed aristrocracy. (…)
Why don’t you drive?
I don’t trust my killer instincts.
Why do you want a megaphone, why reach millions?
I don’t want to reach millions but the equivalent of myself among those millions.”

Excerpts from “Another Autointerview” (1971) by Lucas Samaras, from the book “Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: Source Book of Artists Writings” (1996), edited by Peter Selz and Kristine Stiles (bold highlights not part of the original text).

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