ZN:PRDM installation

ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)

In “ZN:PRDM”, through distinctive markings and existing maps, we searched for clues and signs of groundwater flow, in addition to ducts, sewers, wires and cables, garages and subways, in overlapping, rectified paths of our cities.

Collaboration with Poéticas Digitais – more images in their website.

Developed in the context of the Simpósio ZL Vórtice: Intervenções Urbanas – Laboratório, at the Centro Universitário Maria Antônia – USP (from March to June 2013). Presented in June 19th by Gilbertto Prado (video).

ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)

ZN:PRDM (Grupo Poéticas Digitais, 2013)

[Published 2013/11/19. Edited in 2016/07/23 (PD broken link).]

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