Algorithmic Opera procedural | 2011

Ópera Algorítmica

Editing will become the writing of a software program that will tell the computer how to arrange (i.e., shot order, cuts, dissolves, wipes, etc.) the information on the disc, playing it back in the specified sequence in real time or allowing the viewer to intervene.

(Bill Viola, 1995)1

Algorithmic Opera is a procedural reinterpretation of video capture of a live performance. The video by brazilian artist José Roberto Aguilar is displayed continuously according to a series of rules used to apply cuts, repetitions and rhythms in real time. This work is a partnership between myself and artist Lucila Meirelles.

There are seven modes of operation for this work, based on dozens of scene “types”, such as “whistles”, “piano punches” and “camera movements”. These are described in greater detail in the paper (in portuguese).

– See the work as a static video or images.
– There is a paper in portuguese about this work.
– Participated in ProcJam 2015 (post).

New talents and skills are needed in making programs — this is not editing as we know it. (…) After all these years, video is finally getting “intelligence,” the eye is being reattached to the brain. As with everything else, however, we will find that the limitations emerging lie more with the abilities and imaginations of the producers and users, rather than in the tools themselves.

(Bill Viola)

Made in Actionscript (Flash).

[Original post in portuguese: 2011/10/13. Translation: 2015/11/08.]

  1. Bill Viola is a videoartist and also works with digital media. Quote from “Will There Be Condominiums in Data Space?”, in The New Media Reader. []

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